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Our Divisions

Bluegill Inc. has two divisions to specifically serve unique areas of the residential and commercial market.

Bluegill Energy Division

The Bluegill Energy Division provides quality installation and construction consulting and verification services to residential and commercial builders, developers and property owners. We know it can be confusing navigating through all of the various green building programs and code requirements, which is why our staff continuously trains on the latest technologies and best practices in construction.

With a combined 70 years of construction, building science and project management experience, our staff can assist you with your energy efficiency and eco-friendly green building projects. From pre-construction specification and design consulting to performance testing and commissioning for certification, we offer cost-effective solutions to help you construct buildings that meet the highest standards for energy efficiency, energy code and green building.

We also offer industrial energy and maintenance audits tailored to your needs and budget to reduce energy and maintenance costs and incorporate preventative maintenance programs within your facilities.

Enerlogic Division

The Enerlogic Division provides cost-effective HVAC (heating, cooling and air conditioning) design services. Over the years, we have seen builders and contractors struggle with properly sizing and designing HVAC systems. Builders are often provided multiple designs, which can vary significantly for a single project and cause confusion and difficulty in standardizing material acquisition. HVAC contractors also often wrestle with using the required software and correctly identifying and applying the ever-evolving building technologies needed to design a modern HVAC system.

As a Texas-licensed HVAC design company, we offer a solution for both of these scenarios. With our extensive building science and HVAC design experience, we provide system design for maximized comfort and energy efficiency by using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J (8th edition), S (2nd edition), D and T, Our success saves builders and contractors time and money by reducing call backs, warranty issues and overhead costs.

We have the solutions; let us assist you today. Contact us to request your free consultation and pricing.

Let Bluegill Energy’s trained and certified professionals make Energy Code and Green Building program compliance cost effective and easy for you!

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