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What is a Net-Zero Energy Home?

A Net-Zero Home is a home that, by design, consumes as little energy as possible and, in most instances, produces more energy than it consumes using site generation.

A Net-Zero Home can be achieved by several means, among them:

  • Production of energy through green technologies such as solar and wind.
  • Reduction of overall energy use through best practices such as higher insulation levels, advanced framing, properly designed HVAC systems and use of high-efficiency appliances and lighting.

Most Net-Zero buildings use the electrical grid for energy storage, but some can be independent.

A Net-Zero Home benefits consumers through less expense, less fear of energy costs, and reduced carbon emissions increased home values. The Department of Energy issued a “Builders Challenge” with the vision that, by 2030, consumers will have the opportunity to buy cost-neutral, Net-Zero Homes anywhere in the U.S.

Some challenges, however, have arisen with the developments that have been made in Net-Zero housing, including:

  • Ability to obtain useful energy data
  • Proper design
  • Technology and equipment
  • Needs and behaviors of homeowners
  • Behaviors of building industry contractors

Many governmental agencies, non-profit and private organizations, and universities across the nation currently experiment with and perform academic research on Net-Zero building. This research and experimentation will hopefully lead to the collection of more precise energy performance data, increased energy efficiency in the building codes and assistance in helping engineers, designers and building professionals make the Net-Zero Home more common.

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