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Eco Friendly Design Consultation

In today’s building market, demand has grown for high-performance/low-impact eco0-friendly green buildings. The most prominent, nationally recognized programs that encourage and recognize environmentally sound building practices include the International Code Council (ICC) International Green Construction Code™ (IgCC) and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®).

These programs provide high productivity and financial return along with reduced energy, maintenance and environmental burdens. Regional programs that offer eco-friendly building options also exist.

Without an experienced consulting team on your side like Bluegill Energy, you may find these programs challenging to meet for your construction projects. We can help answer all of your questions regarding these national and regional programs.

We help our clients overcome obstacles such as:

  • Unfamiliarity with eco-friendly design techniques and materials
  • Concerns with the cost-effectiveness, availability or low-performance of low-impact materials
  • Additional cost and work of integrating design and material innovations from concept through use and maintenance

Our team consults with your design team to find savings and benefits by incorporating the latest building best practices and design innovations along with proper implementation to maximize value for your project.

Eco-Friendly Living

The broad definition of eco-friendly living refers to the practice of living in accordance with nature rather than seeking to overcome or defy nature. We provide solutions that work within the parameters of your buildings’ surroundings. Some aspects we consider for increased eco-friendly living may include:

  • Angle or orientation at which the building would work best
  • Location of trees
  • Building materials used
  • Building materials origination
  • Building and landscape interaction
  • Building and inhabitant interaction

We will be glad to answer all of your commercial eco-friendly green building compliance questions and assist you with your service needs.

Let Bluegill Energy’s trained and certified professionals make Energy Code and Green Building program compliance cost effective and easy for you!

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