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It can be hard to tell if your home buyers are going to be comfortable in their new home, apartment or condominium. Inconsistent temperatures from room to room, humidity issues and inadequate ventilation can seriously impact how comfortable they feel. The ENERGY STAR® label on your home signifies that it was built with their comfort in mind.

Bluegill Energy’s experienced, certified professionals provide independent, third-party verification inspections for construction projects that require ENERGY STAR® certification.

We provide inspection, performance testing and commissioning services for single- and multi-family construction projects across Texas.

Energy Star Certified New Home


ENERGY STAR®-certified homes are designed and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today, delivering increased energy efficiency savings when compared to typical new homes. These ENERGY STAR® homes have undergone a process of inspections, testing and verification that meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deliver better quality, comfort and durability.


Apartments and condos that earn the ENERGY STAR® label are designed and verified to be more energy-efficient than buildings constructed using standard building practices. These buildings must include ENERGY STAR®-certified refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and ceiling fans when these appliances are included with the unit as well as low-flow water fixtures that reduce water consumption.

ENERGY STAR® buildings combine an integrated approach to design with tried-and-true best practices for construction. They undergo a series of third-party inspections and testing by licensed engineers, architects and certified HERS® Raters to ensure that they perform as designed.

ENERGY STAR®-certified homes, apartments and condominiums deliver comfort by:

Maintaining consistent temperatures across every room and controlling humidity in the unit, making the entire home comfortable year-round.
Providing a constant supply of fresh and filtered air that reduces indoor pollutants, including dust, pollen and other allergens.

For more information on the ENERGY STAR®-certified homes program, visit ENERGY STAR®.

Bluegill Energy’s staff of trained and certified professionals can answer all of your ENERGY STAR® questions, making compliance easier for you. Contact us to request your free consultation and pricing.

Let Bluegill Energy’s trained and certified professionals make Energy Code and Green Building program compliance cost effective and easy for you!

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