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Comfort Complaint Diagnosis

Bluegill Energy’s experienced staff of trained and certified professionals can help builders and owners of existing buildings diagnose comfort issues resulting from building failures and performance issues. We identify the underlying building defects and causes of building failures and provide proven solutions to alleviate your clients’ comfort issues.

Problems with the performance of the building envelope or HVAC equipment often result in moisture, comfort and/or durability issues.

Comfort issues related to moisture or humidity (latent) changes are typically due to improper equipment design or operation, water or air intrusion via wall or roof coverings, plumbing leaks or ground saturation via foundation contact. Comfort issues related to temperature (sensible) changes are generally related to some combination of improper applications of insulation, ventilation, air sealing materials or technique. The durability of the HVAC system itself can also often affect building performance and energy-related issues.

As experienced building science professionals, we possess a unique understanding of and insight into these cross-discipline performance problems. We employ sophisticated moisture-, air-, and temperature-sensing equipment to diagnose comfort complaints and provide recommendations for correction and repair of the issues we discover.

We can answer all of your certification questions, and provide you with Comfort Complaint Diagnosis Services in a timely manner.

Let Bluegill Energy’s trained and certified professionals make Energy Code and Green Building program compliance cost effective and easy for you!

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