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Commercial Energy Audit Level II – Energy Survey and Analysis

The Bluegill Energy Level II analysis includes everything in the Level I analysis plus a more detailed building survey and energy efficiency study of capital-intensive components. We utilize an extensive collection of data and engineering analysis to determine potential costs and savings from improvements.

Our Level II energy analysis includes:

  • A breakdown of the energy use within the building.
  • Identification of practical improvement measures, with consideration paid to the building owner’s economic criteria and potential operational constraints.
  • A discussion of any potential energy savings that can be realized through operation and maintenance procedure changes. A review of building plans with a walk-through inspection of the building’s:
    • Hot water systems
    • HVAC & controls
    • Process systems
    • Building envelope
    • Lighting
    • Laundry
    • Common areas
    • Utility providers & rates
    • Other applicable systems
  • Two or more years of utility consumption and cost data (if available)
  • An evaluation of the effect on efficiency resulting from the difference between building functions and the original functional intent of the building such as:
    • The type of building and intended use versus actual use
    • A breakdown of spaces within the building by:
      • Function
      • Hours of use
      • Area served
    • Maintenance issues or practices that may affect efficiency.
  • An understandable analysis of findings and observations that includes:
    • A comparison of energy and cost indices of the building with one or more databases
    • Potential cost savings from the installation of renewable energy sources
    • A description and analysis of the energy-using systems
    • A breakdown of the components of annual energy use and cost
    • A recommendation for energy efficiency and conservation measures, including:
      • Predicted savings and cost to implement
      • Description and cost estimate of repairs that are needed in order for energy conservation measures to be effective
    • A cost index of $ per square foot per year and annual energy use kBtu per square foot per year (Energy Utilization Index)
    • A description and cost estimate of measurement and verification methods needed to determine the actual effectiveness of the measures
  • An energy analysis summary that includes the present energy use and cost, the ultimate target for energy use and cost, the savings from recommended measures and a comparison of current recommendations to ultimate target

The base fee for a Level II audit is $1,000.00 plus $0.35 per square foot. An additional fee for buildings with unique designs may apply.

We will be glad to answer all of your comprehensive energy audit questions and provide audit services in a timely manner.

Let Bluegill Energy’s trained and certified professionals make Energy Code and Green Building program compliance cost effective and easy for you!

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